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Why Build With Us

We understand building a new home is a big moment. Which is why we’re not just builders, we’re your building partner with over 25 years experience in the industry.

We want to simplify the building process, and this starts with using documentation that everyone can understand.

We also assign a Project Manager to keep you informed at every step. Project Managers are readily available to answer any questions and quickly resolve issues.

We’ll manage the full-build process from design to putting the finishing touches on your newly landscaped garden. We’ll also take care of consents, regulation and managing third-party contractors.

We’re committed to providing the best possible build experience.

The Building Process

Building a new home is an exciting journey, but it can also be daunting. We want to remove the uncertainty and ambiguity, which is why we spend time understanding a client’s explicit needs and collaborating with all parties at the earliest phase of the project, the brief.

Renovo offers a full consultation with clients, and their chosen Architect, to discuss in detail their vision and specific requirements for a custom home.  We have the in-house expertise and experience to map out each phase of the project, and the overall timing, to give a total cost as part of a Fixed Price Building Contract. Our quote gives clients an insight into what exactly we are able to offer and how this will enable them to effectively forecast and plan for their proposed project.

Renovo Services

If we are selected to manage a project, here is how each of our services fit into the building process for a custom home:

Architect Collaboration

If you have chosen your Architect and would like a building firm who understands how to effectively price the designs your Architect has drawn up, Renovo is well prepared to do so.

We understand that it makes far more sense to interpret a design alongside the creator of your vision and turn this into a reality by accurately pricing each aspect and forecasting how you will budget your project. Each phase will be carefully costed out and be professionally run through all phases of the build by our team of experienced project managers.

By working this way you will be able to plan accordingly, forecast effectively and rely on our in-house experts to run your building project to agreed timelines and to your budget.

Project Management

Our dedicated Project Managers are employed to take away the stress and burden of running your own complex project to ensure it is run to time and to budget.

Our team has two decades worth of experience across numerous high end residential projects and by managing these complicated projects from design to completion have the ability to pre-empt problems and manage solutions with all parties in order to meet agreed timelines and budget forecasts.

You will be informed at all phases of the build through in person consultations, e-communications and our in-house technology to ensure full transparency and disclosure to meet or exceed your expectations.

Consent & Planning

As part of the Consent and Planning phase, we offer consultancy services or can manage this entirely on your behalf.  Our expertise includes the following:

  • Residential land use development due diligence
  • Subdivision feasibility studies
  • Consult on District, Regional, Unitary Planning
  • Project potential feasibility
  • Prepare resource consent and planning applications
  • Provide assistance on Notice of Requirements
  • Advise on designations
  • Prepare submissions on resource consent or plan changes

Our Building Associations

Licensed Building Practitioner
Site Safe Member
Registered Master Builders

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